Cláudia Pedra

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Fields of work: strategic planning, social business models and plans, social impact assessments, scaling up strategies and financial sustainability.

Linkedin profile: Cláudia Pedra

Claudia Pedra is the Managing Partner and co-founder of Stone Soup Consulting. She has a degree in international relations and a masters in Strategy. Claudia Pedra has been working in the Third Sector for over twenty years in the human rights field and worked in international organisations such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and International Organisation for Migrations as a consultant and researcher.  For six years she was the CEO of Amnesty International Portugal. She has over a decade of experience in Third Sector management and created a Post Graduate course on Strategic Management for Third Sector Organisations. Besides, she was Coordinator of the Technical Team of Bolsa de Valores Sociais in Portugal. Today, she is the Director of the Network for Strategic and International Studies, a human rights’ think tank. In Stone Soup, Claudia Pedra has coordinated projects on fundraising, strategic planning, scaling up strategies and social impact assessment.