Alejandro Peña

Location: Spain

Fields of work: Third Sector Management and Leadership

Linkedin: Bernardo Garcia

Bernardo García Izquierdo currently works as senior international consultant in the following fields: non-profit sector strategic leadership and quality management, international development cooperation, Human Rights Based Approach, change and knowledge management, donor and membership fundraising, social impact measurement, and ethical and social responsible investment.
From October 2008 till March 2017, he worked as General Director at Anesvad
Foundation. Previously, he worked as a consultant, workshop trainer and facilitator, and researcher.
He has been a volunteer advisor on management issues for several international organisations, research centres, NGOs and foundations working on development and humanitarian assistance. Trainer of the UN System Staff College Programme on Early
Warning and Preventive Measures since 2001. Professional facilitator of the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) for the UN Common Programming Processes:
Common Country Assessment (CCA) – United Nations Development Assistance
Framework (UNDAF).
Bernardo García Izquierdo holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Business Administration (University of Deusto - Bilbao, Spain) and he has published several books and articles in the areas mentioned before. He is member of the Roster of Evaluators of Euskalit (Basque Country) for the implementation of EFQM and holds a Diploma in Ontological Coaching (Development University, Chile)