Founded in 2008, Stone Soup Consulting is a proactive and forward-thinking consultancy with a social heart. Organised as a network of consultants, our company works with several types of organisations that are interested in boosting their social value.

Acting in partnership rather than in a purely advisory role, Stone Soup Consulting is able to help these organisations maximise their social value. We work through shared processes in strategy creation and implementation that identify possible paths for the organisation’s development and growth.

At Stone Soup Consulting, we believe that more value can be generated by social initiatives, if:

  • There is a clear commitment to result monitoring and impact evaluation.
  • Market rules and corporate management are applied, with the right experience and efficiency.
  • Successful social solutions are scaled up to benefit a larger number of people. 

This is why Stone Soup Consulting complements its consultancy on Strategy and Operations with specialised services in the fields of Social Impact Evaluation, Social Business Models and Scaling-Up Strategies.

Our name, Stone Soup Consulting, was inspired by the stone soup legend. At its essence, this legend symbolises our mission, vision, and especially our values: dynamism, collaboration, innovation, creativity, coherence, solidarity, inclusion, professionalism and accuracy.


Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of the company

In addition, in Stone Soup Consulting we develop our own social responsibility policy. Our priority goal is to strengthen the social impact of the organisations we work with. Besides, Stone Soup Consulting has created a specific fund that supports academic research related to social innovation and bestows the Stone Soup Award on Research in Social Innovation.