Stone Soup clients that have hired our Fundraising service have, at least, doubled their budget with Stone Soup's support. Our team has an extensive and diverse practical experience as most of our consultants are, or have been themselves, social entrepreneurs, fundraisers, project managers, etc. We understand the everyday needs and pains of our clients! So...

1. What can Stone Soup do to improve your financial sustainability?

- Develop a Strategic Plan for Fundraising and Financial Sustainability
- Deliver capacity building for successful applications: Superform
- Systematize your applications and proposals to donors
- Benchmark funding opportunities and sustainable business solutions 
- Prepare a portfolio and presentation for your potential investors
- Do an assessment of your financial needs
- Map and analyze your potential donors, available fundraising products and services
- Deliver capacity building for effective deployment of your Fundraising Plan
- Design and implement alternative financing mechanisms and revenue-generating initiatives
- Train in fundraising planning and tools
- Design your Online Fundraising Plan
- Revise your proposals to international and national, public and private donors, and evaluate them
- Develop your “sale” arguments and strategy
- Design your fundraising campaigns
- Develop your business plans w/ financial modelling


2. With what purpose?

- Increase your budget, access specific funds
- Set a sustainable financial strategy
- Scale, up and deep, your social business
- Diversify your funders
- Improve your funding applications
- Understand the new trends of fundraising practices
- Develop a self-sustained financial structure
- Build fundraising skills in your team and help you change the internal culture
- Guide you through the implementation of the fundraising/business plan


3. Why choose Stone Soup?

- Broad experience in the field as well as with networks of funders
- We are multicultural, multidisciplinary and experienced teams. We bring together key competencies for fundraising such as communication, marketing, finance, etc
- We believe in capacity building and empowered teams
- We choose fundraising techniques and sources that adequate to you
- We adapt the fundraising process to your organization’s dimension


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