"In the last ten years, Stone Soup Consulting has faced several dilemmas. People asking us to bend the rules and the law… just a bit. Transparent processes could then start to turn shady and unclear. Some conflicts of interest arose.

Grounded in our values, we faced each challenge one by one, trying to keep the company as ethical as we envisioned, carving our route through these distractions and temptations. Ten years later we are proud to be a B Corp', to have published an ethical code, and taking this journey in our own honest way.

This report celebrates that journey. And true to the honesty we speak of, once again (this is its second edition), alongside our achievements, results and impacts, we include our shortcomings and mistakes. We are truly ready to learn from them using this process."

Cláudia Pedra, Stone Soup managing partner

We hope that this report, that we have built up as honestly as possible, will help other social consultancies to reflect back on their own impact and on the way they have chosen to achieve it - so that our collective work will bring more social value to the organisations we work with.

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