Tiago Leitão

Location: Romania

Fields of work: Business plan developer (social area), Project management and developer, team management, coaching, training - skill management, on job skill development.

Linkedin: Tiago Leitão

Tiago Leitão is the executive director of ksromania.com, senior manager at Qualify Qualify (IPS_Innovative Prison Systems) and Board member at Aproximar. Holding a social work degree, Portuguese Catholic University, and an MBA from The Lisbon mba has 15 years experience in consultancy.

Tiago has been working since 2003 on skills development and change management in Public organizations, starting from the “Rumos de Futuro” a strategic project aiming to innovate on multi-agency work towards inmates reintegration, in social security or recently in Romania in the "Credem in Schimbare" strategic project.

He was responsible to design and manage innovative projects, focusing on knowledge transfer and adaptation, in several areas of social economy and entrepreneurship (IDEIA – women entrepreneurship), namely social business plans (Dianova and Social Games Store), strategic organizational plan (Misericórdia da Amadora), education (Crescer a saber, Young Entrepreneurs), training and  mentoring (GREAT, MOMIE – Models on Mentoring for Inclusion and Employment and MEGAN) to quote some awarded as good practices.

Since 2003 he is engaged in intense international work, mostly in Europe, collaborating in different networks and in the organization of events, research and publications.