At Stone Soup we have, since our beginning, developed an ethic and social responsibility policy that leads to the creation of a fund for actions of social interest. 

This fund - a percentage of the income of projects in which Stone Soup Consulting is involved - supports post graduate research initiatives on social innovation. This year, coinciding with the award's third edition and Stone Soup's 10th anniversary, we dedicate it to research on new ways of integrating diversity in organisations.


For the purpose of this award, diversity is understood as the acknowledgement, respect and appreciation of the difference(s) between people, including particularly the differences related to gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, faith and beliefs, country of origin, culture, language, nationality, birthplace, ancestry, age, political, ideological or social orientation, marital status, family structure economic situation, health, disability, personal style and training.

Social innovation, on the other hand, is defined as those new ideas that solve existing social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges for the benefit of people and the planet.


The award will recognise a research project already being developed or a research project proposal confirmed/approved for development linked to innovative strategies and actions for the integration of diversity in organisations from all sectors, either at the local, national or international level. We are looking for research projects that study the trends in integration of diversity in organisations, be them in terms of (statistical data,) good practices, public policies, impact on organisations and systemically, amongst others.


The award is the recognition of a deserving research project or research project proposal in social innovation. The recipient of the award and its research project will be mentioned in all Stone Soup Consulting communication instruments and networks, it will also be conveyed to the media. The winner of the Award will also have the opportunity to deliver a webinar in English to present his/her research to Stone Soup's wider audience. It also has a symbolic prize money award of 3,000€.


Applicants must be post-graduate students that are undertaking a dissertation on issues related to diversity issues in organisations. Applicants from all over the world are invited to apply, providing their research project is carried out in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French. Only individual submissions will be accepted.


Applicants must submit their application by October the 31st, 2018 through this form. We recommend you read the Regulation before you submit your project.



2015 - Katherine Ruff: Materiality in Charity Reporting

2012 - Ricardo Zozimo: research project on Entrepreneurial Learning

Do let us know if you had any questions through the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll be happy to assist, good luck!