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Did you ever wonder why a funder never gave you feedback about that application that took you weeks to write?  Ever felt like you were receiving a mass email full of empty words or that the person who is correcting and evaluating your proposal knows less of the subject than you do? As Bob Dylan put it: “The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind”.

Welcome to the world of funding applications! Where the evaluator may know much less than you and the funders may not be disclosing everything they want from you.

According to our own experience as evaluators, only 20% of applications are up to the donor’s expectations. And among this percentage, only a chosen few are amazing. However, not all is lost and we believe we can reach out and share with you our experience after years of screening proposals. We know what works and what doesn’t when applying for funding. How to go that extra mile, understand the evaluator’s own point of view and make your application wonderful.

This free webinar will not be a workshop about grant writing nor the usual tutorial on common mistakes. It will be one hour dedicated to understanding what happens after clicking the Submit button, learning what evaluators love or hate when reading your applications. At the end, you’ll know how to please them and tell them exactly what they want to read! One successful application at a time.


By Cláudia Pedra, Managing Partner and co-founder of Stone Soup Consulting. She has a degree in international relations and a masters in Strategy. Claudia Pedra has been working in the Third Sector for over twenty years in the human rights field and worked in international organisations such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and International Organisation for Migrations as a consultant and researcher.  For six years she was the CEO of Amnesty International Portugal. She has over a decade of experience in Third Sector management and created a Post Graduate course on Strategic Management for Third Sector Organisations. Besides, she was Coordinator of the Technical Team of Bolsa de Valores Sociais in Portugal. Today, she is the Director of the Network for Strategic and International Studies, a human rights’ think tank. In Stone Soup, Claudia Pedra has coordinated projects on fundraising, strategic planning, scaling up strategies and social impact assessment.


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